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Selasa, 04 Oktober 2016

October 4th, 2016

Hi everyone!

So since now, I'll be updating my life in daily basis. I used to write journal in my book, but I think it'd be better if I can just blogging so I can save paper & reduce usage of paper as well. :)

As for now, if you haven't know, I'm the National Vice President of Global Talent for Organizations in AIESEC in Malaysia. My term started on July 1st 2016 - July 31st, 2017. It's been a blissful days here because I always get a new life learning in each day. How each individual can improve within their self, understand other's communication style, stress behavior, defense mechanism, and everything.


Today, I woke up quite early around 7 am. I prayed Subuh then after that I took shower and went out to have breakfast. Vita's supposed to come around 8 am (GMT+8) in Malaysia. Then it turned out that her flight got delayed so she arrived around 9.45 am. After that I told her that she could just take bus to Paradigm Mall and took Uber to Zenith Corporate Park.

In the morning, I had WIG (Wildly Important Goal) meeting and we discussed about our progress and what's our commitments for next week. I'm involved in "Embedding LDM Into Operation" WIG. After we finished the meeting, I had another one which is MC Team Meeting. I became Action Steps Taker. During the meeting, I didn't really feel okay because I was tired and need to breath fresh air. In the end of the meeting, we had our "What Went Well" & "Even Better If" discussion and I got 1 What Went Well about how to report the iGT.

After the meeting finished, I rushed to Paradigm Mall because I needed to catch the free shuttle bus heading to Kelana Jaya LRT. Then I took LRT to KLCC. The ride was 30 minutes and it costs RM 3.50. I prayed and I went to Maxis Building.


How to get to Maxis Building from KLCC LRT Station?

Go out of LRT station, find the funnel to Suria KLCC. Go down and go straight. You can turn left and just cross the street. And voila! The Maxis Building is there.


In Maxis Building, I joined the Linkedin Workshop. It was hosted by Ronny Supardi, Senior Manager in Linkedin Singapore. It was nice. I got new insight on how to build an engaging profile. I took picture with him and the delagates. I met Denise & Bashirah as well.

After the workshop, I had lunch in KLCC. I was thinking to have Ayam Penyet but I couldn't find it. And I ended up eating beef fried rice that costs RM 8.90. Haha. Next, I went to prayer room and it turned out Ana was there. It was unexpected coincidence. After we finished praying, we went to KLCC station to head back to Kelana Jaya. Finally, we arrived home around 5.40 pm. And it's been a tiring day. When I reached home, I just went back to sleep because it was so tired.

Now, I'm still awake and I think I'm gonna get back to bed again. Tomorrow is gonna be another long day.

See ya! <3

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Sabtu, 22 Agustus 2015


Hi guys!

What's up?

It's been a while right since I posted my blog. hahaha.
it's been so many years ago..

so, for this past 3years I've been joining AIESEC.
Did anyone of you know what AIESEC is???

AIESEC is an international organization that is run by youth and we're focusing on leadership development and giving positive social impact to society.

So, currently I'm the Vice President of Incoming Exchange Global Internship Program (VP ICX GIP) of AIESEC Surabaya 15/16. The journey to become one of the vp is not easy, you know. I've been going through so many challenges and obstacles, and I did it on my own.

Because before I didn't get full support from my predecessor, because she's busy with her stuff and her working experience.

And finally I end up being one of the Vice President of AIESEC Surabayaa!!!! Yeahhhhh!!! :)))
After being a Vice President, I joined some national conferences.

There were National Strategic Conference, where only the Executive Board is allowed to be the delegates. And we discussed about how's the planning and how's the transition process from 14/15 to 15/16. I met lot of people and other VP from other LCs. And it feels great! I can do sharing with them and have fun together. And also, before in NSC, our MCVP which is Maho hasn't arrived yet to Indonesia. Because she had some problems with Japanese immigration office. So, the VPs in my commission just have fun while others are talking about planning with their MCVP.

Next, few months later there is National Functional Summit.
It was held on Solo, and we can asked our Middle Management Board to join the conference also. So, there were more delegates. The conference was superb! And that's the first time I was able to meet with my MCVP.... Yeayyyy!!

She's so cute though. Her name is Maho Sylvia Watanabe, and previously she was the LCP of AIESEC Sophia University in Japan. My commission VP called her "Acil" or adek kecil. because she's so cute and small hahaha. :Dv (peace dear :Dv)

I had lot of great time, gained some knowledge, get more friends, and everything. It was just sad because all of my managers couldn't join this conference because of some reasons.

Next, in October we're gonna have Management Board Conference. And I'm making sure that all of my manager can come to this conference. Because it's going to be super A-Mazing!!!

I think that's all my story for now. I'll try to keep you updated yaaa with my life :) :*

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Rabu, 21 Mei 2014


it's been a while since you've gone from us.
it's almost a year from the day you went away.
you said that you're going for our good.
but, it's not.
you do want to achieve your dream by doing business and everything.
but yet you left us, here, with our father.
and a person who came along.

don't you ever miss us? don't you want to be a family again? don't you want to have fun and live the life with us anymore?

everything has been changed a lot
and perhaps it is just too much 
and perhaps someday, we won't remember that you exist.

and sometimes when I feel alone,
all I wanna do is just talking with you and going out with you.
but you're somewhere in nowhere.
trying to gain everything.

seems like everything's going to be succeed
but we won't know right
if it's meant to be or not
it all depends on Allah's hands.
and we can't do nothing to change our destiny.

please go home soon
may Allah let you awake from this hopeless dream
just please come back
before you regret this so much.

-from a girl who miss her mom- Read More..

Selasa, 15 Oktober 2013

no longer care

i don't think that i have any parents any longer
my mom goes from home for almost 2 months now
and here 
the situation at my home
it just not a family atmosphere
my dad keeps on judging and assuming that i am an evil
keep on believing dad that i am an evil
i just don't care
you keep on pushing us to always follow your instruction
hey dude
everyone has their own opinion
and i won't do anything if i don't think it's compatible with me

i got my own life
you know what
my task is keep on focusing on colleague things and preparing for my future
and yes
you always distract it
i already prove that i got almost a perfect gpa
but uh
that's not an accomplishment for you i guess

i wanted to get in sbm itb
but you didn't approve it
you kept on pushing me to always follow you
i followed your instruction
now i'm studying accounting at airlangga university
but what?
i already feel comfortable with my friends and my colleague things
but you are adding new problems
you said that you will make me get in pesantren or somewhat
until when i have to follow your opinion huh?
you just can't make me to do anything that i don't think logical
and you know what
i got my own opinion
who's dead anyway?
you're not the king of anything by the way...........
you can't make others to always follow your opinion
you're not the owner of this world
everyone have their own opinion
and believe me
they're already try their best to fulfill your want
you just never believe them
you just can't believe people

i'm sick dude
of wasting my tears everyday
that's why i keep on making myself busy outside home
i join every single activities at my campus
and i'm trying to get myself busy on AIESEC
but you
yes, just like typical
you're never allowing me to have my own life
just never allowing me to enjoy this wonderful life
and cage me here in this rut

Allah and music....
they're the one who's always by my side everytime i'm down
not you
not mom
not everyone
i just don't care anymore

go tell 'em that i'm a selfish and an egocentric person
go tell 'em that i never be loyal to you
you can tell the world that there's a lot of evil right inside me now
you know what
why don't you try yourself to be ruqiyyah huh?
just maybe
you also having a dark side
before you're making me, why don't you go first
try that
why it's not you that get in pesantren and not coming back to home huh?
actually you also make me the way i am now
you can't tell the world that i am the way i am now because of my mom
there's still some factors that it's possibly you're the one who's making me like this

i can fool the world by smiling and laughing out loud with my friends
but here,
with you in home
i can't do no such thing
and that makes me miserable

suicidal thing ever came to my mind
but i'm trying my best
not to do such thing
because if i die due to suicidal thing
my spirit won't be accepted by Allah

i still keep myself to get away from the things that Allah hate
you keep on making me depressed and miserable
i don't know til when i can get away with this
i don't know til when i can fool the world

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Kamis, 03 Oktober 2013


Halo semua!
lama ga posting nih. huhu. i have so many stories to tell you.

first, i'm already on the third semester in Accounting Airlangga University.
 Sudah banyak hal yang telah dilalui
udah jadi peserta + panitia CNA
udah ikut banyak kegiatan
udah kenalan banyak anak, dapet kenalan banyak juga

tapi ada sesuatu yang berubah
pasti lah ya semua someday bakal berubah, gamungkin bakal stuck di situ terus

hari ini entah seneng sedih ato gimana.
kuliah cuman jam setengah empat, dan ternyata gaada dosen :'
php begete. huhu

untung tadi si jalang ngajakin ke mcd. buntu, tapi sama aja dia aku yang bayarin -__________-
terus dia jahat banget :( ga ada naluri ato insting buat nganterin aku pulang

tapi ada pelipur lara sih
mas mas perkap dialog nasional kemaren
mas mas yang bisa bikin bahagia, mas mas yang bikin semua kebuntuan hilang
makasih banyak ya mas coky, mas rio, mas alfian, mas amal, dan mas mas lainnya
makasih juga pril, win yang udah always there for me ::)

and also
i would like to tell a story about my family.
sedih banget bukan sih
sekarang mama udah entah ke mana
udah ga di rumah lagi
entah kenapa semua berubah
mama sama papa udah bener bener mau cerai
terus katanya ustadznya papa mama ternyata bla bla bla
it is just shocking
i miss my old family
meski dulu papa sama mama sering bertengkar
tapi mereka tetep satu
mereka tetep di satu rumah
mama udah kuat dan bertahan selama 19 tahun ini
tapi ternyata semua kesabaran ini ada batasnya

di luar aku bisa sih masang tam-pang tegar bahagia seneng gitu
tapi di dalemnya
sedih rapuh banget
aku kangennnnnn :(
aku ga pengen semuanya kaya sekarang ini
kaya aku sama adek adek gaada yang ngejagain
iya sih , positifnya kita bisa lebih mandiri
lebih bisa bertanggung jawab
tapi kita masih butuh mama :(
adek adek masih butuh mama
butuh seseorang yang bakal ngejagain kita,
yang ngebimbing kita
yang tulus menyayangi kita
yang ada ketika kita dimarahin papa
yang bela ketika dimarahin papa

aku tau papa dulu juga ada salah ma
papa sempet khilaf
dan aku juga gatau bener apa salah kalau mama juga sempet khilaf gitu
ma, plis mama tobat
ya Allah berikan hidayah buat mamaku
berikan ekstra kesabaran sama ketabahan buat aku sekeluarga
mungkin ini cobaan dari engkau ya Allah, buat kita sekeluarga
buat nguji kita
semoga aku sama adek adek sama semuanya bisa kuat menghadapi semua ini
berikan yang terbaik ya Allah

i know that you're always there for me, for us.
i believe in you, and i always put my trust on you.
and i know, that if i'm crying it won't solve anything
i know it
but i don't know why i still burst my tears away :(
mungkin ini  waktunya di  mana aku udah ga terlalu kuat
waktunya aku down
ya semoga yang terbaiklah ya Allah Read More..